Coffee Roasting Process

Coffee crops are harvested multiple times per year depending upon multiple geographic changes such as temperature, moisture, elevation and the individual species growth patterns. The majority of coffees in the world are picked by hand. After the coffees are picked from the trees and sorted the coffee bean is removed from the bright red cheery casing using one of two methods the dry method or the wet method. Once the coffees have been milled properly they are sorted and graded.

coffee roasting

The Origin of Coffee Beans

Coffees are harvested in some of the most remote places in the world and are effected by a variety of conditions such as Altitude, sun exposure, rainfall, diurnal temperature range and soil quality. Each green bean is tested in our moisture content tester and weighed against our other data to properly evaluate test and compare flavor profile similarities and differences.

Our staff and our partners consistently work with farmers of producing countries to improve their methods of harvesting growing and drying coffees. This is the only way that we can consistently get the highest quality coffees from around the world. We work with the farmers on methods of improving their land and processes to maximize quality and consistency. Our goal is the best coffees for our customers and their consumers and a fair price for our farmers.

Buying wholesale coffee

Our buying model is like the rest of our company, designed to pay a fair price for the highest quality coffees in the world. We do this by working direct with importers and farmers to insure maximum quality and consistency from harvest to cup. We pay prices that reward maximum quality and devote our time, money and energy in developing programs that will help the farmer~Rs progress in their standards of living and education. Are strict methods of grading coffee insures maximum quality and this is verified within the guidelines of our strict quality control system. Each coffee is cupped and compared prior to shipping and after shipping to pass our extremely high standards.

Ritual Grounds coffee buying philosophy and goals are simple.

  • Develop direct trade relationships with farmers from single origin plantations
  • Provide a fair price for those crops and work together with the farmers on improving their methods of harvesting to provide the highest quality harvest possible
  • Meticulously compare, evaluate, test and cup each origin of coffee to maintain our strict quality standards and flavor profiling.
  • Provide the highest quality product available consistently

Coffee Roasting Dry Method

The dry method is when coffee is spread across the ground or on trays under the sun to dry for two to three weeks. The coffee cherry is then milled to remove the fruit pulp from the coffee bean.

Coffee Roasting Wet Method

In the wet method the coffees are placed in large tanks to ferment for 12-24 hours. The cherries are then washed in water and dried briefly prior to having the bright red cherry milled from the coffee bean. This can be referred to as ~Swashed Coffees~T and can have a more distinctive refined flavor than those coffees using the dry method. This is due to a more refined fermentation process that is controlled within the 12-24 hour range rather than possible under or over fermentation using the dry fermentation process. Another large contributor to the fine taste of the wet processed coffees is in the wet method the farmers will use only ripe cherries and during the dry process the farmer might use over-ripe and immature cherries combined with the ripe cherries.